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Sponsored PRCA Riders

BVEH is proud to be associated with the following professional cowboys and cowgirls. Watch our facebook and twitter posts for updates on how they perform throughout the year.

  • Chad Williams
  • Chase Williams
  • Cimarron Boardman
  • Cody Ohl
  • Cole Davison
  • Whitney Davison
  • Coleman Proctor
  • Cory Solomon
  • Dakota Kirchenschlager
  • David KeyJosey Key
  • Fallon Taylor
  • Jake Long
  • JJ Hampton
  • Kassie Mowry
  • KC Jones
  • Gayle Jones
  • Kortney Fisher
  • Madison MacDonald
  • Marty Yates
  • Mary Burger
  • Molly Powell
  • Ryan Thibodeaux
  • Sterling Smith
  • Tibba Smith
  • Tate Kirchenschlager
  • Travis Graves
  • Tamika Graves
  • Travis Woodard
  • Turtle Powell
  • Walt Woodard
  • Darlene Woodard

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